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Welcome to our website. Glad you stopped by, take your time and look around. We are located in the beautiful  mountains of  Northeast Alabama.  Peaceful and simple living at your doorstep. Here is  a little about us. We have been raising bulldogs for almost 14 years now.  We have learned alot of things along the way. We have 2 boys 16 and 10 that take a big part in helping take care of  our bullies babies.  We take pride in our bulldogs.   We strive  to raise good healthy and quality bulldogs. Bulldogs are a breed of their own. They have all the traits of a wonderful pet, very well rounded dogs.  They have personality, humor , intelligence and stubbornness.  What more could you ask for.  We can provide references. Feel free to call anytime with questions, concerns, or if you are just curious about bulldogs.  We love to keep in touch with our babies and their new home.  Hope you have enjoyed your visit and come back soon.  Thanks 
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